About Us


We are a small business based out of Wisconsin run by myself, Mara, with the help of my husband & our five cats.

All products are handmade, handpicked, and/or hand designed by me.

Due to the handmade nature of our work, some products will vary. 

Our Values

Sustainability & Environmental Consciousness

As a business, we aim to not add to the already gloomy problem of our world and its ecosystems. To do so, we take care in designing and creating our products. This means getting the most out of our materials, using outside manufacturers who can create on demand, and choosing packing materials that can be reused or recycled.

Unique Expression

Everyone has their own personal style, so we aim to create products that allow our customers to express just how unique they are. While our designs may not be for everyone, we hope to create products that fit in the lives of those who may not find what truly speaks to them elsewhere.

Quality Communication & Care

We take pride in creating genuine relationships with our customers. In all reality, we would not be here without them! We believe that all problems can be solved with caring communication and aim to not leave any issue unresolved.